Why  Us?

How to reach us:

Marshall  Rich: Newport VT location



Eugene Rich: Enosburgh Falls VT location



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Providing  Pups to caring, loving families

Our Sire: Marco

Lady  Rogue



is a small family breeder.

Eugene & Marshall Rich are brothers that have grown up always having pets in their lives.

They have a special interest in Bullmastiffs due to their wonderful temperaments and protective nature.  These gentile giants are a great addition to any family.  And that is why they have chosen to breed these wonderful dogs.

Marshall lives in Newport, Vermont &

Gene lives in Enosburgh Falls, Vermont

About   Us

Lady  Fiona

What to watch out for?

1: Learn about the breed before you buy.   Is the dog high energy?  Does it require a lot of grooming?  Does it get along with children?  Will it fit in with my life style?

2: Always ask for references.  A reputable breeder will always want you to talk to people that he has provided a pup to in the past.

3: Ask for pictures of where the pups are raised.  If a breeder wont send pics..... he's hiding something.

4: Never, ever buy from a puppy mill. 

Our  Sire:  Bayne

Lady  Khole

What to expect from us.

A health guarantee

Vet check and first shots.

Family raised and hand held.

One on one personal attention before and after the adoption of a puppy.

Life time breeder support.